The Company

TORGOTERM PLC is a Public Limited Company, established in 1965 as an enterprise for manufacturing and importing of professional kitchen equipment. Since 2006 TORGOTERM PLC has been a subsidiary company of METALCOMPLECT ENGINEERING PLC - Sofia, which is the majority stake owner. The Company is certified under ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management System and under ISO 45001-2018 – Occupational Health and Safety System.

The main activity of TORGOTERM is concentrated on two basic directions:

  • Design, manufacturing, importing, trade and maintenance of professional kitchen and catering equipment for public establishments, restaurants, bars, canteens, baby kitchens and etc. The products are produced of stainless steel, certified for food manufacturing.

A great number of restaurants in the resorts of Albena, Sunny Beach, Duni, Golden Sands, Borovets, St. St. Constantine and Helena have been equipped by TORGOTERM.

  • Manufacture of switchboard cabinets, cupboards, shelters, panels and superstructures of stainless steel. The switchboard cabinets and cupboards meet the protection level requirements (cabinets - IP-66, cupboards - IP-55) and are under UL Control.

The production of both types is exported to France, Spain, Italy and other countries. The export reaches 80 per cent of the sales.

Because of its modern technological systems including laser-cutting centers, sheet processing centers and other digitally controlled machine-tools, TORGOTERM applies flexible technologies and manufactures customized and tailor-made products. Since 2010 the enterprise has at its disposal a fully automated technological laser line for cutting and bending of flat sheet material parts designed by the Japanese company AMADA. The line has been procured under Project № BG161PO003-2.1.04 - Technological Modernization in Small and Medium Enterprises under the Operational Program - Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy 2007 – 2011 and realized with the financial support of the European Union.

Because of its staff highly technological possibilities and competence, TORGOTERM remains always at disposal of its clients and partners.

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